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Welcome to - A source of fine Honda del Sol Parts

Here you will find a list of parts specifically for your Honda del Sol. dStuning, or del Sol tuning has a long history of supporting Honda del Sol owners and even though the Honda del Sol is slowly fading into history, we are committed to continuing to support the Honda del Sol and those that love it.

Honda del Sol Antenna

Honda del Sol Antenna Kit

This full kit comes with everything required to replace your Honda del Sol's worn out and broken antenna.

Honda del Sol Angel Eyes Fog Lights

Angel Eyes Fog Lights

These lights replace those unsightly OEM plastic Aux lights that come stock with your del Sol. The whole install only takes 30 - 60 minutes!
Honda del Sol Floor mats

Floor Mats

DST no longer makes floor mats.

Honda del Sol Suspension Bushing Package Deal

Suspension Bushing Package Deal

All of a Honda del Sol's suspension bushings in one kit. If you're going to work on the suspension there's something to be said for doing it right!

The del Sol tuning story

We started del Sol tuning as a hobby in 2004. At that time we had 3 Honda del Sols and a passion for the cars. DST provided us with a way to interact with the community of Honda del Sol owners and was a method for giving back to that community by selling the floor mats we manufactured at just over cost. DST provided a foot in the door for us to start selling automotive parts on a larger scale and eventually that blossomed into a fulltime career for the DST family. We now operate a growing family of suspension parts websites under the new DST acronym of "Diverse Suspension Technologies". In 2010, we said goodbye to the last of our del Sols as it was donated to a dear friend who needed it more than we did. 2010 was a closing chapter in DST history. We no longer sell floor mats for a number of reasons, but we thank the folks that made that possible over the years. Your combined efforts produced a fine product that the community of Honda del Sol owners truly enjoyed and appreciated.

As many of you know, our business has grown into the automotive suspension parts sector. We stock and sell a number of brands on our own warehouse. We hope that it isn't assuming of us to continue selling those parts on this website without the floor mats that once defined us. Thank you again to all of you in the del Sol community.