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Antenna Replacement Kit Honda del Sol
Part Number: 44hd99b
Price: $21.99
Availability: In Stock
Ships: Within 24 Hours
  • 36 Reviews for DST 44hd99b with an average rating of 5 out of 5
  • Reviewer: James l weldy
  • Rating: James l weldy gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: As advertised.
  • Reviewer: Ernesto Soria
  • Rating: Ernesto Soria gave 44HD99B a 4 star rating4
  • Comments: The antenna is still working and good quality.
  • Reviewer: Brenda Brozinick
  • Rating: Brenda Brozinick gave 44HD99B a 3 star rating3
  • Comments: The parts do work, but I had to have someone install them and they didnt fit my car properly so they had to "rig" them to work. The antenna didnt fit in the hole properly so it does not go all the way down. Stays up approximately 4-6". Cost me extra to get it installed-because we couldnt get it to fit but even a professional said that it was aftermarket and didnt fit correctly.
  • Reviewer: RONNIE CURTIS
  • Rating: RONNIE CURTIS gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: WORKS GOOD
  • Reviewer: Buyer Sheri Milam / my_girls_are_the_best
  • Rating: Buyer Sheri Milam / my_girls_are_the_best gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: I am a 47 year old female and had no problem installing this piece. The instructions were easy to follow, the part was a perfect fit and works perfectly. This was a fantastic transaction, fast shipping and excellent service!!
  • Reviewer: Jarad Sergent jarser_99
  • Rating: Jarad Sergent jarser_99 gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: works perfect
  • Reviewer: Jeffrey Aston
  • Rating: Jeffrey Aston gave 44HD99B a 4 star rating4
  • Comments: The antenna works great. I did have a little trouble fitting the black outer trim, but it all worked out great.
  • Reviewer: Luis Godinez
  • Rating: Luis Godinez gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: Antenna is still working great and actually looks better than the OEM one.. Thanks
  • Reviewer: Donald Ostrom
  • Rating: Donald Ostrom gave 44HD99B a 4 star rating4
  • Comments: Installation was not as easy as the document implied. The problem is that there is not much space to work in and I needed a screw driver not a ratchet to loosen the base. Also it would have been useful to say how the cable was attached at the top of the original antenna not somewhere on the bottom where I originally looked. But it is installed and function and looks great.
  • Reviewer: jimmy litton
  • Rating: jimmy litton gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: Easy to install if you have thin arms. Other than that it was great.
  • Reviewer: Sophia Huyer
  • Rating: Sophia Huyer gave 44HD99B a 4 star rating4
  • Comments: I did not install the antenna and the mechanic me it was a bit tricky, but it looks good and is working very well.
  • Reviewer: David Bennett
  • Rating: David Bennett gave 44HD99B a 4 star rating4
  • Comments: Removal of original antenna was a pain, took an hour or so. The replacement is made well and looks awesome though it is not an exact fit for the original holding bracket. With a few tweaks I got it in and it works great!! Thanks guys!!
  • Reviewer: Alan Herrmann
  • Rating: Alan Herrmann gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: I bought this for my 95 Honda Del Sol because I broke the antenna off, this antenna was easy to install...This antenna also gets very good reception as well, all this for a lot less money than buying the OEM part.
  • Reviewer: Sean
  • Rating: Sean gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: Hey I just got done installing my new antenna and it works great.. a few notes for anybody planning to purchase it: I tried the methods described for installing the new antenna and they were not working for me. Instead of going from the trunk I decided to try to get to it from behind the passenger seat, this was MUCH easier. I was able to get to the whole bracket so I replaced the whole thing. It is a great antenna, now I can tune into stations that I could never get with my stock antenna.. and that is before it broke! 
  • Reviewer: Ernest Rivera-Ramos
  • Rating: Ernest Rivera-Ramos gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: Fast shipping. My son installed the Antenna, everything is great.
  • Reviewer: michael kalka
  • Rating: michael kalka gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: Highly recommend this as a replacement for a broken antenna on a Honda del Sol.
  • Reviewer: JonB
  • Rating: JonB gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments:  Installed the new antenna yesterday and it looks and works great. I can finally hear those low signal stations I couldn't get with old broken antenna. Easy to install once I figured out how to use the included fender nut tool. Only suggestion would be to include a simple instruction sheet. Very happy with the product!!   
  • Reviewer: Daniel Gross
  • Rating: Daniel Gross gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: Easy to install, required getting a additional antenna wire to reach radio in the Honda Delsol but that was readily available. Provides great reception and looks good.
  • Reviewer: Jerome Hurley
  • Rating: Jerome Hurley gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: Install was very easy to do.
  • Reviewer: Paul Spotts
  • Rating: Paul Spotts gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: The new antenna works great. Keeps a low profile when all the way down, but I run it mid-range so I can get better reception. My HD stereo works so much better now!
  • Reviewer: Robert W Church
  • Rating: Robert W Church gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: The part worked great. Install was tough, but only because there wasn't much room to work. Thoroughly pleased. Thanks.
  • Reviewer: Mark R. Castelli
  • Rating: Mark R. Castelli gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: Replacing the power antenna on the del Sol is challenging, but rewarding! Mine took about 2 hours to replace. When replacing, you have to remove the motor from the car, and here's where I messed up. After taking the motor apart, and removing the old broken pieces of the old nylon chain, I reinstalled the motor, not realizing there were still broken pieces of the nylon chain inside the mast tube. I had to re-remove the motor to flip the tube upside down in order to get the remaining pieces of broken chain out. My own fault, I should have checked that the first time. So, you might want to look in there with a flash light, it could save you having to re-remove the motor, because the new antenna chain will not engage with the gears if the old antenna chain is stuck in that tube... The other issue was that the chrome trim ring didn't fit, but that was no problem because I was able to use the old one. The one that came with this new mast was too small for my del Sol. Other than that, this thing will get your power antenna back to factory original! Its great to have a working power antenna again! I definitely recommend this if you need a power antenna, and the price is excellent! Would have cost a lot more, I mean, A LOT more to take the car back to the dealer! Maybe the hardest thing about the job was reconnecting the drain tube on the motor- very limited access, and the tube was so tight on the fitting, other than that, not too hard. Again, thanks, Mark
  • Reviewer: FloridaMark
  • Rating: FloridaMark gave 44HD99B a 4 star rating4
  • Comments: Well... I ran the Honda through the car wash again without lowering the antenna. This part is a good replacement part for a great price. The quality is fine, it isn't super high quality but it works well and it is A LOT cheaper than the dealer replacement part. FloridaMark
  • Reviewer: jason armstrong
  • Rating: jason armstrong gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: Its a good replacement, but to be honest I was actually looking for the antenna delete. However; it was discontinued for whatever reason.
  • Reviewer: Johnson Hoang
  • Rating: Johnson Hoang gave 44HD99B a 4 star rating4
  • Comments: This wasn't as simple as swapping out the broken antenna stick, rather the whole components will need to be replaced. It is however, an easy installation and requires the inside panels to be removed.
  • Reviewer: Ingrid Macy
  • Rating: Ingrid Macy gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: The instructions were complete and easy to follow, the whole thing was a pleasure!
  • Reviewer: Brian
  • Rating: Brian gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments:

    I installed the new antenna in my 94 Del Sol.

    The only area the instructions did not match my car were the screw that is part of the mounting hardware. After some playing I just felt around since the screw head is on the outside (fender side) of the car. Then I used a mirror, and sure enough my car (original equipment) had a round head phillips screw, so the 5/16ths socket was not going to work out. Used an offset phillips screwdriver and got a few scratches, but it worked out. I probably should have placed a rag on the metal of the small opening and then I could have avoided the scratched arm.

    Also probably due to climate (salted roads) the metal from the top of the antenna would not release from the fender, so I placed a screwdriver into the antenna hole and tapped a bit until it released.

    Installing the new one was a cinch after that. 

  • Reviewer: Zonyl
  • Rating: Zonyl gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments:

    After waiting a year for inventory to become available, I finally snagged one.  Replaced the antenna in about 15 minutes on my 97 Si.  I ended up loosening the screw that held the bottom of the antenna mast wiggled the old one out and put the new one in (Didnt use the included bracket).   Im not quite sure how to use the bracket actually as I didnt appear to have the 'nut' that was mentioned in the instructions, but worked just the same.

    Thank you for a good OEM replacement!!!!

  • Reviewer: Mark
  • Rating: Mark gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: i ordered this antenna and boy am i glad. my old one was complete garbage so i ordered this and less than a week later i got it. instalation was a snap, nad just consisted of removing all of the rear interior pieces and simple bolt ons. i highly suggest buying this antenna kit if you really need one. 
  • Reviewer: Ian McLauchlan
  • Rating: Ian McLauchlan gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: The kit arrived as scheduled - thanks!  I just wish I had smaller fingers to get inside the Antenna Well as there was not much room to get to the existing retaining screw on the mounting bracket. Once I was able to get the screw loosened the rest was easy.  My Del Sol is a black one and the black anodized finish on your replacement blends in beautifully.
  • Reviewer: Abraham
  • Rating: Abraham gave 44HD99B a 4 star rating4
  • Comments: I don't know if this is how it goes for everyone but this is how it went for me.  First of all Installation is not as straight forward as the directions make it out to be.  For starters the removal tool you get is too small to use on the oem antenna, so you definitely have to use a set of needle nose pliers.  Second the 5/16th nut (weird size for a japanese car since they use metrics over there) which they talk about is really a phillips head screw.  So when they say a wrench "might" be useful it's more like you better have wrench with a phillips screwdriver tip or you're not getting that sucker off.  Oh and even though the factory mounting bracket is bigger than the replacement antenna forget about changing it with the supplied one, unless you have a hamster that can do some wrench work for you.  Finally the fitment outside the car was perfect.  The removal tool provided really helped out here.  The black anodized antenna looks really clean and the reception is awesome (it could be thanks to the fact that the antenna can come out like 4  All in all I would recommend this product, just prepare yourself for the installation.
  • Reviewer: Phil
  • Rating: Phil gave 44HD99B a 4 star rating4
  • Comments:

    Installation: Not too difficult. Be careful with the removal tool. Mine slipped and scratched the panel (glad I have a maaco job) a bit as well as bent when tightening the new antenna. I had the whole swap done in about 15 minutes. They do not mention how small the area to work in is and that its way back into the trunk. Also not mentioned is if you ever want to use the mounting bracket supplied for the bottom of the antenna you have to go inside the car and remove trim panels to do so, though it does not seem like support at the bottom of the antenna is really necessary. 

    Quality: The mounting components seem sturdy enough. My only complaint is the mast itself, which does not feel super secure in the housing. There is a good amount of play in all directions once the mast is fully up. Seems like it would flop around a lot in the wind and could possibly damage itself. Reception seems fine, but I can only compare it to my previous broken off mast. 

  • Reviewer: Sean
  • Rating: Sean gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: The above review is extremely accurate.  I replaced my antenna with one of these and experienced exactly what he mentioned.  However, after having it installed for about a year I had a bad day.  You know, the type of day that bad things happen in 3's?  Well, the third thing was going through a gas station car wash and having it ripped out because i didn't put it down (the second thing was having gas dump all over the side of my car at the pump, resulting in my "free" carwash).  For those that care the first thing was work related and unimportant.  Anyway, after suffering with no antenna for a couple months I had to come back and get another antenna, for the price this option can not be beat.  I'm not looking forward to the install, as it is a pain as mentioned, the result with be worth it.  If you are looking for a great replacement at a great price this is the one.
  • Reviewer: Laura
  • Rating: Laura gave 44HD99B a 4 star rating4
  • Comments:

    I got my antenna about a week after I ordered it, which is not bad at all. Installation was really easy, but there were a couple issues with my particular install.

    Firstly, as others noted, the 5/16" bolt is actually a Phillips head screw, at least on a '95 S. A ratchet definitely is helpful though, so be sure to get one that you can hook a screwdriver bit to. Probably a good idea to tape things together so the bit doesn't fall off inside your Sol! It really is tight in there too, so use your smallest ratchet.

    Secondly, I have to say the outside fitment wasn't quite as nice for me as others experienced. The included gasket (that goes between the body and outer top part of the antenna on the outside of the car) was too thick and didn't really seat well for me. I probably could have gotten the new gasket to work with more patience, and may try it again sometime, but it was just not letting me line things up. So I just used the old one, which unfortunately leaves a very small gap. It doesn't affect the protective ability of the gasket, it's just slightly off-looking if you want to be picky about it

    I should also mention the stock mounting bracket is far too large to properly clamp down on the new, slimmer antenna; you'd have to stick something else in there to shim it, or otherwise use the included hardware. It doesn't seem to make much difference once the top part of the antenna is in place though, so I'm not worried about it.

    One more thing: the paint (I thought this was anodized?) on the antenna is not really on there too good. Just pulling it out and adjusting it for length resulted in a thin ribbon of paint being shaved off by the adjacent telescoping piece. So be careful with it if you want it perfect-looking.

  • Reviewer: Edgar Gonzalez
  • Rating: Edgar Gonzalez gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: 5 Stars perfect part ' Cant Find it any where but here'
  • Reviewer: Clarke W. - CO
  • Rating: Clarke W. - CO gave 44HD99B a 5 star rating5
  • Comments: Thank you so much for providing the 'How To' instructions on installing the new antenna for my del Sol.  They were smack on the money and I was able to install it with no blood or cursing.  Best of all, I didn't have to translate it from Chinese/English.  It was well written and provided helpful tips.  Keep up the good work!
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  • 44hd99b Antenna Replacement Kit Honda del Sol
  • 44hd99b Antenna Replacement Kit Honda del Sol

  • 44hd99b Antenna Replacement Kit Honda del Sol Thumbnail
  • 44hd99b Antenna Replacement Kit Honda del Sol Thumbnail
  • 44hd99b Antenna Replacement Kit Honda del Sol

Antenna Replacement Kit

This full kit comes with everything required to replace your Honda del Sol's worn out and broken antenna.



  • FULL instuctions here. Instructions include actual pictures so you'll have a better idea what's going on.
  • Antenna Removal tool. (Without this it's VERY difficult to remove your factory antenna!!!)
  • Mounting Hardware.
  • Full Length Antenna (Designed for optimum reception! Anodized for YEARS of reliable use.)
  • Quality Antenna Interconnects. (Designed for excellent sound quality.)
  • Water Drain Tube (Keeps Water from entering your trunk area)